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Advance to Zero transforms the way local communities respond to homelessness to reduce to zero the total number of vulnerable people living on the streets and families living in cars or motels in Australia

What is Advance to Zero?

Advance to Zero is a campaign being run by communities and member organisations around Australia to end homelessness. Using interactive live data, participating communities asses the extent of homelessness in their local area, see demographic breakdowns and track their progress alongside other communities as they strive to eliminate homelessness.

We have set an ambitious but achievable goal of ending rough sleeping in three years within every community who actively participates. In order to achieve this goal, organisations will:

  • Engage, work with and train local communities to know by name the people who are rough sleeping in their communities, and what their needs are;
  • Work with communities to produce quality data to track progress in successfully housing people;
  • Line up supply of housing and match people to services they require, if needed;
  • Move people into housing and support them to stay housed;
  • Ensure homelessness is rare, brief and a non-recurring experience for individuals and families.


Advance to Zero is a campaign run by The Australian Alliance to End Homelessness (AAEH). AAEH is committed to preventing and ending homelessness in Australia by ensuring everyone has access to safe, sustainable housing and the services they need. We believe any incidents of homelessness that do occur should be rare, brief and non-recurring.

We understand that access to safe, affordable, appropriate and sustainable housing is not merely about shelter. Having access to safe, affordable housing provides a foundation on which individuals and families can build better futures.

Our Team

The Australian Alliance to End Homelessness (AAEH) is an independent champion for preventing and ending homelessness in Australia. The AAEH Board consists of dedicated individuals with expertise in housing and homelessness from around Australia.

Chair: Karyn Walsh CEO Micah Projects
David Pearson Adelaide University
(South Australia)
Debra Zanella CEO Ruah Community Services
(Western Australia)
Felicity Reynolds CEO Mercy Foundation
National (based in NSW)
Heather Holst Commissioner for Residential Tenancies
Keith Bryant Chairperson Wentworth Community Housing
(New South Wales)